Friday, January 23, 2015


Unconsciously, I guess I am mostly drawn towards denim. Just last week I stopped by a garage sale near our unit and managed to score a vintage denim jacket for 5 bucks!
(which I have been looking for, for such a long time now). I used to see a lot of these in the thrift when I was in the Philippines but knowing that it is pretty humid to wear those in the streets I just pass them up.

This time it is beginning to warm up already for summer. But it still gets a little chilly sometimes. Melbourne weather is pretty moody like an old lady. I just went with this all denim ensemble. The top is a thrifted Izzue brand which was one of my favorites. Then I just wore a navy blue Tee from Levis and my dependable ASOS extreme super skinny jeans. My shoes are from Zara which I didn’t think I will wear again as it was really tight and kills my toes badly but after I breaking them in, they are okay now.

I thought that my style is becoming more subtle and less flashy like before. Well, I can say my style matures too. I opt for more basics now and staple pieces which can translate to a lot of occasions. I have stocked up mostly on basic T shirts( I think I’m overdoing it now). I’m trying some minimalism now.

Oh my, I have been so lazy to be honest with you but also really busy with work now. This is my first post of the year! I am active on Instagram if you can follow me @knyfortaleza. Will keep trying my hardest to post more! 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

#OOTD: Nightmare on Maud Street

I did a denim on denim styling here. I tried to use different wash of denim to show off their varied wash and to somehow camouflage the shirt as not being denim. Joggers have been on trend too. It has been a trendy design on classic pair of trousers like the smart jersey jogger pants I wore from my previous post. I am not a fan of drop crotch pants but this Cotton On joggers fit me like a glove. The skinny fit sold me because it doesn’t look too drop crotch when it sits in my thighs.

These outfit posts sometimes are just non sense right? But it’s just what is on my mind. I just want to share my style and hoping to inspire people to be themselves. I pull my confidence from what I wear so I really try to dress up even for a walk to the grocery. 

About the look:
Jacket from H&M (Bought this from Malaysia)
Denim shirt from the thrift (I only got this for 2 bucks!!)
Jeans from Cotton On (was on sale)
Shoes from Roger David (was on sale for 15 bucks!)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sam Smith Just Made our Christmas Even (More) Merrier!

Check this soulful rendition of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas courtesy of SAM SMITH! No less! Can you get any better than that. I just can feel Christmas listening to him sing with his soul out with this classic Christmas song.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

#OOTD: Grayed Out

One day, I just decided to get dressed for success. If you are to claim your win, you must be prepared and by that I meant like this. I started to assemble this look with my new smart joggers from ASOS. It is a good spin on a very formal suit pants. The cuffing on the ankles made it casual and cool. I just picked out several gray tone from my closet and decided to use my ASOS navy blazer which comes really handy when you need it. For my shoes, I went with my Zara Oxfords which are so sturdy and classy. 

I am planning on starting a Youtube vlog! I am not certain if it will work out but I guess I am going to find out when I start filming! Haha. I am camera shy though. Good luck with that.


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